Upgraded Website and Changed Product Name


Dear customers and the community!

As you may have already noticed, the structure of the Blend4Web website has been changed. Actually, this is just the first of many steps we plan on doing in the near future.

Now our website offers more information on products and technologies which we are involved in developing, as well as on various services our team provides to customers. One of the major changes for the community is that we have also renamed Blend4Web SDK Free to Blend4Web Community Edition (CE). We believe that this new name better corresponds to the nature of this product as a fully-functional open source solution intended mostly for non-commercial purposes. Of course, this option remains available free of charge as it is licensed under the GPL.

Regarding our increased focus on providing services, we think that the current trend in the IT market (and, particularly, in the market of 3D Web technologies) displays a clear shift from providing pure software products or cloud services to providing a whole infrastructure around a solution including technical support, consulting, training, integration and software customization. Since the first Blend4Web release in 2014, we have acquired extensive experience and we are confident to offer these services to our customers at a professional level. We hope that our new website, the content and design of which are currently under active development, will help us to deliver this message to current and future Blend4Web users.

Additionally, we are glad to announce that the upcoming Blend4Web PRO release will be a long-term support version (LTS) maintained until mid-2017.

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