Blend4Web LTS 16.06.1 Update


Dear customers!

We have just released the first update for the long-term support version. This update fixes a critical performance regression observed in some Blend4Web applications based on the recent 16.06 version. Also, we fixed the broken Canvas Resolution Factor slider in the Scene Viewer. There are some corrections and additions in the User Manual as well.

Please consider downloading the updated LTS build and upgrading your applications.

07 nov. 2022 11:17
I've been running Blend4Web LTS 16.06.1 for about a year now and it's been working great for me. I was using the LTS version with the previous version of NodeJS and it just worked perfectly. Just have a look on this best sea moss gummies to get further ideas. But then I decided to upgrade to NodeJS 8 and suddenly everything stopped working (NodeJS no longer supported).
13 dec. 2022 10:08
I'm a happy user of Blend4Web and I love the fact that it's free. It's an incredible tool for me to work with. I think the new LTS (Long Term Support) version is a great idea, because it helps to keep the software up-to-date, which is very important these days. Try this spas in long island for best reviews. I know that Blend4Web is known to have some bugs and issues, but that's why LTS versions are there to fix those problems.
13 dec. 2022 10:27
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