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Our users have repeatedly noticed that there is a lack of news and recent information on the development of Blend4Web and Blender on our news blog. We listened to their views and are pleased to announce that a new author has joined our blog: indie game developer, author of several books on Blender and huge fan of this wonderful tool, Andrey Prakhov. With his help, we hope to share our greatest successes, most recent details regarding Blend4Web and developments in 3D Internet much more regularly!

12 jul. 2016 19:09
Good to hear. Looking forward to seeing a regularly updated blog :-)
07 nov. 2022 09:56
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16 nov. 2022 10:19
We are proud to present our new blog! Blended4Web has been a pioneer in web development, dynamic websites and responsive design. This blog will focus on how to develop professional websites with Blend4Web and how you can take advantage of our solutions for your business needs.
17 nov. 2022 16:59
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Case 2: Access the Satellite Boot Menu if your computer won't boot up.
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13 dec. 2022 09:56
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