New Contest: Retro Cars!


This time we have a serious and broad theme! "Retro cars" contains many different styles, and there are many different ways to try to express them. You can also experiment with steampunk ;) (Don't do war cars though, we are peaceful and all!)

Considering that the theme implies complex objects to be modelled, we'll raise the maximum polygon count! Now, it'll be up to 100k tris, however, don't neglect the optimization factor! :) It will still be an important aspect of the judging. I recommend checking your scene on mobile devices!

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20 oct. 2016 15:49
Hy all. After a terribly busy week/month/year i finally have a little time. So after a lot of hesitation i chose to work on the Delahaye 135 car.
So good luck everyone and let's do it !
20 oct. 2016 15:58
Oh, great choice!
Good luck to you too
24 oct. 2016 10:28
Some progress here!
25 oct. 2016 10:57

I will try to participate but I never done a car model so it's just to learn !

I choose the citroen 2cv (very popular car in france during the 60s).

But, as it's my first try, I will need a lot of advices ! Do you think it's better to open a new topic or to ask here ?
25 oct. 2016 11:04
Hello, welcome to our forum!

Sure, feel free to start a new topic!
Though it'll be okay if you ask here too, doesn't really matter where to ask.
Good luck! :)
25 oct. 2016 14:29
Thanks for your reply !

This is a first try :

It's my first car so don't be to hard ! But if you know how I can improve it, let me know.

I wonder why I don't have any transparency (on the windows…) when exporting on blen4web format. I have the transparency on blender (blender internal), I can see it on the render with blend4web (F12) but never in a browser. I tested with firefox on windows/linux, chrome in windows/linux and IE on windows (of course). Why ?
25 oct. 2016 17:05
For a first time it's looking really good

About transparency you can read here. Don't use Renderer as an example, it is a very different thing from WebGL

You may want to select Blend4Web in Engine selection (blender renderer, BGE, etc.), it'll give you a lot of b4w options.
26 oct. 2016 21:52
Thank you !

I can understand, now : the transparency type was set to 'opaque' in the material !

By the way : witch type of transparency do you recommend for the windows ?
27 oct. 2016 10:19
I think Alpha Blend will be more suitable It depends on. You could try Add type (the fastest one), if it'll show some artifacts, try using Blend :)
27 oct. 2016 22:02
Hey guys,
I just saw that the model had to be build with blend4web. Silly me Ô_o

Now I tried to transfer everything from cycles to b4w and it looks sooo crappy ^^

How can I fix glass and two sided material ect? My car looked so awesome in cycles and now that… so disappointing =(

Where can I upload the blend4web file so I can enter the competition? And the blend file?

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