New Contest: Retro Cars!


This time we have a serious and broad theme! "Retro cars" contains many different styles, and there are many different ways to try to express them. You can also experiment with steampunk ;) (Don't do war cars though, we are peaceful and all!)

Considering that the theme implies complex objects to be modelled, we'll raise the maximum polygon count! Now, it'll be up to 100k tris, however, don't neglect the optimization factor! :) It will still be an important aspect of the judging. I recommend checking your scene on mobile devices!

Contest's main page
23 sep. 2016 12:22
Okay, I admit, if I did not get the position because too little awareness of car modeling
23 sep. 2016 15:37
There is a lot of car modeling tutorials! I suggest trying to find one that suits you the most, it really helped me other day
04 oct. 2016 18:45
So the contest has officially started!
09 oct. 2016 11:30
Great concept for a challenge. It's a great opportunity for me to push beyond my current limitations. I am just getting started with CG, but I look forward to taking 1st place.
10 oct. 2016 18:21
Mainie03, welcme to the forum and good luck!
To everyone: There we have another participant!
17 oct. 2016 10:21
And another!
19 oct. 2016 02:21
Hi all,

Can anyone enter, or do I have to be a member for a period of time first?
19 oct. 2016 10:30
Hello and welcome to the forum!
Everyone can enter anytime!
19 oct. 2016 21:34

I'm going to certainly try then!
20 oct. 2016 10:35
Good luck then!
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