New Contest: Retro Cars!


This time we have a serious and broad theme! "Retro cars" contains many different styles, and there are many different ways to try to express them. You can also experiment with steampunk ;) (Don't do war cars though, we are peaceful and all!)

Considering that the theme implies complex objects to be modelled, we'll raise the maximum polygon count! Now, it'll be up to 100k tris, however, don't neglect the optimization factor! :) It will still be an important aspect of the judging. I recommend checking your scene on mobile devices!

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12 nov. 2016 17:52
12 nov. 2016 21:34
Congratulations to first and second place winners! Good job guys!
This was first time I've used Blend4Web and my programming skills are very close to nonexistent, so I had to limit interactivity.
But this is definitely not the last time I'm doing something with B4W.
Also I've updated Mercedes a bit - background color, overall saturation, specular on tyres and added camera limits (I really don't know how I've missed this).
13 nov. 2016 00:38
I haven't seen the post in the submission/entry forum so it was a nice surprise.
The other entries were on the russian forum here:
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