Blend4Web Conference 2017


Dear friends!

The time has flown by fast and we are happy to announce the second International Blend4Web Conference which will take place on the 6th of May in Moscow, Russia. We would love to have you attend and for those who are interested to present your company and projects!

The conference will be held in English and entrance is free for all registered attendees. The participation format is the same as it was last year, see videos on the conference page.

If you need a travel visa you may want to think about obtaining it in advance. We recommend starting here to get an idea of what you'll need for your trip.

08 jun. 2017 10:31
We started to publish conference videos: check them out using this playlist!

Here is also personal #b4wconf and Moscow experiences of Pablo Vazquez who was presenting at the conference (Spanish):

12 may. 2023 15:45
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12 may. 2023 18:49
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12 may. 2023 18:58
Why it is so cheap!? Don't get me wrong I am not complaing. I am just surprised that's all.
22 nov. 2023 04:34
Autodesk's AEC collection is quite pricey if purchased from authorized distributors.

drift boss
10 dec. 2023 16:42
Hi! Can anyone here recommend a good Bitcoin mixer? The fact that blockchain is transparent and every exchanger asking your ID is quite disturbing to me.
10 dec. 2023 16:53
Yes! To be honest I was a bit surprised to see a request like this here. And I can share a perfect Crypto mixer for you. A list of mixers, to be precise. Here, take a look at this . I use the first one from the list, and I encourage you to do the same. It is good.
10 dec. 2023 16:57
The terms are quite good there indeed. Thanks for sharing this list. I will pick the same thing you picked.
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