Lexus 3D Car Configurator


A 3D presentation of the splendid Lexus IS has been published on the websites of the several Middle East car traders.

Using 3D visuals for presenting top cars seems to become a tradition. And we are quite happy to mention that more and more often our Blend4Web engine is chosen for these presentations.

A well-known studio VisCircle GmbH continues to develop its car configurator. If you’ve seen the Chevrolet Camaro and Malibu demonstrations, then you are already familiar with it. This time, the developers used creative approach to enhance many of the key components of the application, added new features and, as always, put a lot of effort into the visuals.

Lexus IS is an elegant, stylish business-class car with several color schemes available for its exterior and salon. You can use the application to examine the appearance of the car, and select any color you like from a palette, while the camera takes intriguing angles to show off slick lines of the car body.

This presentation features an automated camera that can focus on the most important components of the car. Its soft movement and well-applied Depth of Field effect leave a strong positive impression.

The configurator also includes an information system that you can use to learn further information about the car and its features, so a potential buyer can focus on the core elements of the product.

A 3D configurator can be a powerful tool for attracting new customers and increasing the loyalty of the old ones. A 3D presentation is not only visually superior to the video or static images, it also gives users a unique opportunity to examine the object themselves, to see it from any angle and even to interact with it.

This is how modern web technologies make it possible to create a real symbiosis of 3D graphics and traditional media.

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