3D Handbag Configurator That Any Girl Would Like


Is there a girl who wouldn’t like a stylish and nifty handbag? The only problem is, it might not be that simple to find a fitting one. Shopping excursions are not for everybody, especially ones that can take hours. It get a bit easier when you are exploring online shops instead of real ones, yet this approach has downsides of its own. For example, even a set of pictures taken from different angles may not be enough to explore all features of the product. The same goes for video clips. A panoramic image would be nice, but these are rare. In the end, you are still spending an enormous amount of time in front of the monitor – the time that you could have use to do something more interesting and useful.

So today I would like to present to you one very nice 3D customizer. And yes, you guessed right, this indeed is a handbag configurator. So, guys, read on and make notes.

3D on a website is awesome. Or at least this is what designers, programmers, marketing people and other geeks would tell you. But what is the opinion of the customers? We are all different, and something trivial for one can be tricky for the other. You can never be sure. However, the application I would like to talk about stands a good chance to become popular among charming ladies, as it gives them an option to design equally charming handbags. So may I introduce to you a shop of the future.

Imagine this: your lady invites you to a shopping spree. You, however, simply give her a computer with the configurator running, and then go mind your own business. In the end, everyone is happy. You don’t have to do something you don’t like, your friend is happy with her design choices, and the only thing left to do is to pay for the final product.

Italian online shop Laikailike presents its handbags in the form of product customizer. These are not simple 3D representations of ready-made products, no, every one of them consists of multiple highly customizable parts. First of all, you will need to choose the format of your handbag, its size and appearance. Then, the most interesting part begins.

The application gives you an option to select a unique material (crocodile or ostrich skin, cloth or something else) for each part of your bag. Simply click an icon and choose a texture you need. You can also pick a color from a palette. This approach makes it quite simple to design a handbag of your own. Why would you need retail adventures when you can just play with the settings a little?

And if your lady herself is a geek at heart, or if she simply likes the idea of controlling every slightest detail, then there is an advanced construction mode. You can think about it as a sort of handbag hardcore; it’s… somewhat complicated.

You can turn it on by simply clicking a button in the application window. Then, an enormous set of options will unfold before the eyes of the stunned customer. Every handler, zipper, bottom or side part – you can change everything to your taste, so you can make your bag a truly unique one. You can even open the bag and look inside of it. This, ladies and gentlemen, is a true shopping paradise, the place where you very much can design a handbag of your dreams.

But surprises do not end here. Every thing should have its own peculiarity, so the developer of the configurator have prepared a small icing on the cake. How do you like an option to place a picture (as in, any picture you would like) on your handbag?

A red-haired beast on the side, or a colorful flower, or maybe something personal, something of your own? The choice is all yours, and only thing that limits it is your own imagination. Just pick an image, select a place on the bag, and press the load button.

And so, here it is – a long-awaited outcome of your journey to the land of handbags! This picture shows the one and only handbag that will become real once you pay for it.

3D configurators are not something particularly new. Many more applications like this are built using Blend4Web engine, and some of them look very advanced (check, for example, our recent article about Toyota car configurator). This one, however, is built with client’s wishes and needs and wishes in mind, it features user friendly interface, short load times and intuitive settings.

So, guys, it’s time to stop wasting your time in the shopping malls. Show your girl a way create a handbag of her dreams!

Link to the application.

And for the finale, here are several amazing handbags made by a professional designer impressed by the configurator. Feel free to click the pictures!

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