We At Avra Days Skolkovo!


Last week, a major AR/VR technology conference was held at Skolkovo (a Silicon Valley counterpart in Russia). This forum has been attended by international business representatives, state companies, creative advertising agencies – and also by everyone else who takes interest in this field.

Dozens of experts presented their reports on achievements, features and new discoveries of augmented and virtual reality technologies. World-renowned experts from many countries, including Jake Zim, Senior Vice President of Virtual Reality for Sony Pictures Entertainment, and Marco Sacco, the President of EuroVR Association, along with many others, shared their experiences, ideas and success stories. This was truly a sight to behold!

And our teem too was present at the conference. There, we invited everyone to take a look at our Blend4Web framework.

AR and VR technologies are currently becoming more and more popular, and not only in the industry, but in residential use as well. There are already many educational and entertainment projects, e-commerce solutions and professional tools.

Yet at the moment, virtual and augmented reality are only available in the form of a rather rigid solution that requires certain application to be downloaded and installed on your PC or mobile device.

The WebVR technology, however, is able completely reverse the situation and break new ground by using Internet as an unlimited source of AR and VR content. No more tedious downloading and installing anything. The only thing you’ll need from now on is a simple web browser!

Our project, the Blend4Web engine, already includes everything required for creating high-quality AR and VR content. It is easy to use, it includes tools for visual programming, provides top-notch graphical capabilities, supports desktop and mobile devices alike, and it also works just fine with various input controllers and standalone devices such as Epson Moverio BT-300.

AR and VR applications are not something that can be done with just photos or video files. Here, you need real-time 3D graphics, and this is the field where Blend4Web truly shines.

Our exhibition attracted numerous visitors from real estate development, instrument-making, merchandise and other industries, as well as educational and scientific projects.

Stay tuned and follow our news, for quite soon our showcase will be expanded with new engaging and peculiar exemplars!

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