Christmas contest 2015, entries

08 December 2015 16:49
Hello friends! I'm happy to announce the beginning of the Christmas/New Year contest! Get in the christmas spirit, arm yourself with Blend4Web and engage - for the sake of creativity! And for prizes, of course ;)

Entries can include anything related to the Christmas and New Year celebrations - the main idea is to recall the Christmas mood as the results will be announced at Old New Year! So there will be just another reason to smile :) As for our winners, well, they'll have more reasons because aside from the cash prize they'll receive a discount on our SDK PRO: 30, 20 and 10 percent off for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place, respectively.

Good luck everyone! We wish you happy holidays and we're looking forward to seeing your outstanding projects!

Please note that this topic is for your entries only. You can discuss the contest here.
09 January 2016 06:49
Hello everyone, and happy new year. I don't think I'll have time to work any more on this, I would love nothing more than to refine it a bit further but until the contest closes I might have no opportunity again so I'll just post it now just in case.

Unfortunately I have encountered some serious problems with the logic editor that made it stop working as intended for no apparent reason between exports (high poly counts seem to scramble the "move to" node logic behavior?). Also my node trees seem to randomly disappear from Blender editor between work sessions from time to time, and even though I save and "Save as" frequently I ended up losing some work so I won't be able to post my "ideal" final solution since a considerable part of it vanished.

Anyway no more excuses, I was seriously considering not entering the contest because of "White Page Syndrome" but luckily some last minute inspiration hit me so I decided to participate anyway.
Since Christmas is already long gone, what better way to celebrate the new year than with it's visual representation? So I decided to create some sort of "Interactive Calendar" demo that represents the new year 2016. It's not particularly elaborate and it is actually my first time using Blend4Web in quite some time, and my first project with it since the introduction of the node logic editor. It really came a long way with numerous improvements ever since, it's been a joy using it.

Without further ado here is my entry fully made with Blender and Blend4Web, no textures used and all originally made by me specifically for the contest. Click on the labels to the left to navigate to the desired month, be sure to orbit the camera to get a look at the side view of it's "mechanical works". Nothing too fancy and not on par with the high standards set around here unfortunately, I am certainly not really expecting to win but hope you guys enjoy it anyway.

11 January 2016 01:22
I'm way too short for this one , tons of stuff miss but i hope you can still enjoy it !

The story of a visit in an odd gradma house : link

And here's the .blend, I've made all the interaction with the node editor : link
11 January 2016 03:33
Hey finally got there!
Really quite a modest little project.

I had lot's of fun doing this even though if you have a look at the Newbies question forum you might see how much i struggled with nodes.

This is my entry to the contest and my resolutions for this year is to get hold of manifold and do more B4W goodness
Heres a link
11 January 2016 04:02
Fantastic little story, yadoob, really made want to spend winter in a cosy little wood cabin in the middle of nowhere
For all your struggles your game seems to be showing some pretty complex logic LukeVideo, fun little project you made there.
Congrats to both, may the best entry win!

Just a small update I attached my archive to this post with the source .blend file that was missing in the original file.
11 January 2016 08:48
Closed! 3 entries here and 12 here. Thanks so much, this contest is a total success!
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