Christmas contest 2015, discussion

09 January 2016 03:22
Wow, looking great! Really like the cartoonish minimal flat style
09 January 2016 15:50
@ Duarte, Yadoob Awesome guys! Here you can track entries on the Russian forum.
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09 January 2016 19:40
Joining to Yuri. That's really nice work!

Duarte, It is sad that you had some troubles with logic nodes but anyway this calendar looks really original. I like it
10 January 2016 02:05
Thanks guys glad you like it. Really eager to see what the most talented users of the forum will come up with.
Best of luck to all.
10 January 2016 11:36
According to the contest rules, today is the last day when you can still submit your entry. Remember to attach your source files!
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11 January 2016 12:16
Congrats to everyone, there's lots of cool projects, I guess we all learn a lot about B4W !
12 January 2016 11:41
Our contest jury:

Yuri Kovelenov - the founder and the development lead, Blend4Web.

Anton Khalembakov - the art director, Blend4Web.

Pavel Kotov - a 3D artist and the contest administrator, Blend4Web.

Mikhail Luzyanin - a lead artist, Blend4Web.

Andrey Prakhov - a free software advocate, game developer and the author of three Blender books, community representative.

The results will be evaluated based on these criteria: concept, aesthetics, level of interactivity and technical side. For each will be assigned a number of points from 1 to 10 and then the points will be summed up to find out who are the winners .
13 January 2016 20:21
The results have arrived! Please take a look here
13 January 2016 23:28
Great results ! The entries are of amazing quality. I hope i can finish my next projects with such professionalism !
14 January 2016 02:00
Great work guys, some really cool entries I had not yet seen. Congrats to all winners!
And thanks to all in the fantastic Blend4Web team for making this contest and for generously extending the third place spots.
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