Christmas contest 2015, discussion

08 December 2015 16:54
This is a topic for discussing the contest. Feel free to share your thoughts, to comment and so on. You can post your WIPs here, too :) And ask your questions, of course!

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09 December 2015 04:44
Hey guys, good initiative. It will certainly help us develop our skills.
I'll join if I have the time and inspiration to come up with a x-mass idea.
Hope to see some cool entries!
10 December 2015 10:33
Thanks, I'm sure this will be interesting.
The contest is also running for Russian-speaker audience, thus part of the final results will be published in this topic too.
14 December 2015 21:57
Count me in!

Do we have an idea of the criteria to select the winner? Or is it solely based on the appreciation by the B4W team?

I hope to see more of these contest in the future :D

15 December 2015 12:09
Well, it's not only appreciation, we will look into technical stuff as well - for example, how well is the scene optimized, or if you're coding an app or a minigame, we'll look through the code

And also I think that you guys, the community, will comment and share your opinions, and we'll consider it, too
31 December 2015 13:54
I'm entering the contest a bit late, I hope I'll have time to get something at the end !

Here's the concept made by a talented friend illustrator ( Portfolio). She also made a little story to go with, more to come soon
04 January 2016 00:04

Nice to hear that you are on board. Good luck with this!
08 January 2016 20:43
A few days until the X-Mas contest ends! Please use this topic to submit your entries.
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08 January 2016 22:17
Last minute inspiration hit me really late this time.
Working on very a simple concept for this contest, but it's still missing a few adjustments, will post later tonight hopefully, or during the weekend.
08 January 2016 22:36
WIP, those two days comig will be short :

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