Blend4Web 14.11 is Out

28 November 2014 11:30
Our team is happy to present the new version of Blend4Web - the open source 3D web framework. Into this release we have included support for procedural and video textures, implemented new camera control modes and significantly increased the usability of the development environment.

Press release link.
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30 November 2014 14:05
I'm glad that you released a new version. But there is an issue. I'm using Blender 2.71 64 bit. While installing blend4web I'm getting an error. Please help me to resolve this issue
30 November 2014 14:12
If you are getting this error please upgrade to Blender 2.72. Compatibility table.
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02 December 2014 15:40

I just wanted to thank you for doing this work, as Blend4web is really an amazing tool! :)

I've been using the addon for a month or two now, and it's fantastic to be able to do simple interactive presentations without any coding. And just when I was thinking "oh, it'd be very nice to have the camera freely move in a space…" you guys put up a new version with just that feature!

One question, though: does this camera panning feature allow animating the target location somehow (when the camera is in "target mode")? I tried to fiddle around, but I couldn't get it to work. I'm trying to do a product presentation where by clicking buttons the product breaks down in pieces, and it would help a lot if I was able to animate the target location while still having the camera freely rotating…

Anyway, this is an amazing addon and I'm really thankful that you've made this freely available. Keep up the good work! :)

Have a nice day,
02 December 2014 16:41
aleksi1, hello and welcome!

Thank you for kind words, we really appreciate it

About camera: can you start a new topic with examples and little more detailed explanation? I don't think I fully understand what you want to do. But! Look at my tortoise - maybe this little "workaround" will help? I just animated a plane so it looks like tortoise and camera are actually moving
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