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25 August 2016 18:01
Hi selvaraj,

Please take a look at the viewer app sources
search for "storage" to find places of use
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26 August 2016 04:12
Hi Yuri Kovelenov

I can not understand the way of save the hole scene including object,material after reference of viewer app sources.
But one think understand.In storage we can able to store and get string only.
I want the method like Three.js exporter in blend4web.
Is possible to save and load again functionality in blend4web?
Pls help to acheive this.
26 August 2016 04:17
Hi Yuri Kovelenov

In Shoe Customizer web page contain save design option.
But i can not understand how its work?
pls give any idea to save design or download and load it again.
26 August 2016 16:35
Hi selvaraj,

The user can save parameters in the scene, such as what models are loaded, what color and textures are applied, etc in two ways:

1. client side: serialize params in JSON string and store in the browser local storage
This way is good for temporary storing, for example if the user reloads the page you can restore his or her design by checking the storage, de-serializing and applying the data

2. server side: send params to the server and store in a database associated with the user account.
This way is good for permanent storing, such as for favorites or for manufacturing.

In any way, WebGL/Blend4Web applications are no different than regular web applications.

Hope this helps!
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01 September 2016 08:03
Hi Yuri Kovelenov,

sorry i was busy ,

Now i can understand serialize and de-serialize of param.
But i can not understand what are the param to be save for save the hole scene.
Pls help me,..
01 September 2016 09:46

It can be object names, positions, colors. It depends on your application (and what you want to restore). Tell us please about your app
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