Installation Error "Depreciated paths to Scripts....."

25 May 2016 04:04
I'm having the same problem with both Blender 2.77 and 2.77a and B4W SDK Free 16.04 on Windows 10

the add on, and therefore blend4web import/export option, engine and server don't show up unless I point my scripts folder at:

(when i relaunch it gives me an error about a deprecated path but at least the add-on shows)

but it can't then find the dev server etc, presumably because the paths are wrong

any advice appreciated,
25 May 2016 04:21
actually i've just noticed on the latest build on the site you've got duplicated folders


mostly containing the same stuff apart from an extra _pycache folder in one of them

that addons folder being moved allowed blend4web add on to be seen using this path

but the server still isn't found.

25 May 2016 04:28
also i've noticed the scripts directory can have a trailing slash (or not), but the blender SDK preferences won't accept a trailing slash. I'm wondering if that's stopping the server file location from being found properly?


(apologies.. I didn't know you couldn't delete posts otherwise I would have merged this above)
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