Glube from Junk and audio issue

17 December 2014 19:55 #808
thank you, with the new release of B4W, I will add some decent textures and fix up the NLA strip lengths.
24 December 2014 21:19 #849
With the latest release of B4W, the Glube can now be played in Chrome and Firefox.

Thanks for the work to make that happen!
24 December 2014 21:22 #850
You are welcome
Blend4Web Team
05 January 2015 20:14 #945
If you want to see the actual Glube in use, here is a video from "The Music of Junk" with me as Jake the Drummer.
05 January 2015 21:22 #946
Watched, amusing!
Development Lead | Twitter
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