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15 April 2016 15:01
This is a topic for discussing the contest. Feel free to share your thoughts, to comment and so on. You can post your WIPs here, too :) And ask your questions, of course!

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20 April 2016 23:09

I want in this game Panda city car.
But this game city has been disclosed.
So that I can also participate in the panda game?

Michael Wu
21 April 2016 16:35
Unfortunately it won't count, because you started it before others - well, it won't be fair I think.

But you can post a nice model of your panda driver in his car as your entry, for example - I saw your concept and liked it! I think it'll turn out great!
10 May 2016 16:58
We already have our first entry on Russian forum!

Also WIP galore in the discussion topic.
14 May 2016 23:08
Hello everybody! This is my first work using blend4web. The modeling is alread done and the animation as well.
I'm just trying to figure out how to export the animation for the html file. Besides that, the project is almost done. Hope you like it, and I can finish it in time!

16 May 2016 19:24
You can now find our judges on the main contest page!
18 May 2016 19:49
Hey guys, we have a bit of Force majeure. Our contestants share the same amount of points, so we decided it'll be better to leave winner's fate up to you!

Please post here who do you think deserves the prize more! We will count only votes of users who we know from community - I mean you won't be able to vote multiple times by re-registering on different accounts. Tell us who is the 1st prize winner and 3rd prize winner! The voting will end tomorrow at 17:00 Moscow time.

First place candidates
Konstantin Golubev (KokPok)
Third place candidates
19 May 2016 09:10
+1 for KokPok
19 May 2016 17:12
Thank you martial!

Voting is closed now.
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