[SOLVED] Create Web UI to control Blend4Web

18 April 2016 18:29 #8920
Is is possible to use html buttons to control the blen4web scene?
For example, I want to show different versions of a product. When button 1 is clicked, product 1 shows. When button 2 is clicked, product 1 hides and product 2 appears… and so on.

I can configure this from within the b4w presentation 3d window but I want to use controls on the web page instead.

If we get a web designer to make a full webpage, is it possible to use part of that design (buttons) to control the blend4web presentation?
I have attached a crude drawing to explain the functionality I have described.


Danny Austin,Technical Manager
PIX Set Visions
18 April 2016 18:36 #8921
Hi Danny,

Please take a look at this demo & tutorials
The UI buttons there are actually HTML elements.

See also this tutorial on web page integration (you'll need method 3).

Hope this helps!
The Founder | Twitter
18 April 2016 18:53 #8924
Fantastic!! I'd been looking at this particular demo but hadn't realized the controls were in HTML.
Great information.

Thanks Yuri!

Danny Austin,Technical Manager
PIX Set Visions
01 July 2016 13:40 #10311
Hi Yuri,

I'm still trying to achieve this HTML integration for Blend4Web. My main issue is that I have very little web programming experience.
So far I have tracked down the buttons in the code but I can't figure out how the send a message to b4w. I know it's a big ask but is there a step by step guide on how to do this?

For my example I want to use a HTML button to change the material of an object. I have achieved this within the b4w interface using the logic editor currently.

Many Thanks
Danny Austin,Technical Manager
PIX Set Visions
03 July 2016 23:28 #10320
Hello. There are différent ways to do that. At the moment if you want to use logici tree you could use a use entry point js function. I use one in the project in host on my github. Check out my last topic in the forum
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