Retro Car Contest, discussion

19 September 2016 17:23
This is a topic for discussing the contest. Feel free to share your thoughts, to comment and so on. You can post your WIPs here, too :) And ask your questions, of course!

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23 September 2016 12:22
Okay, I admit, if I did not get the position because too little awareness of car modeling
Good life needs no explanation!
23 September 2016 15:37
There is a lot of car modeling tutorials! I suggest trying to find one that suits you the most, it really helped me other day
04 October 2016 18:45
So the contest has officially started!
09 October 2016 11:30
Great concept for a challenge. It's a great opportunity for me to push beyond my current limitations. I am just getting started with CG, but I look forward to taking 1st place.
10 October 2016 18:21
Mainie03, welcme to the forum and good luck!
To everyone: There we have another participant!
17 October 2016 10:21
19 October 2016 02:21
Hi all,

Can anyone enter, or do I have to be a member for a period of time first?
19 October 2016 10:30
Hello and welcome to the forum!
Everyone can enter anytime!
19 October 2016 21:34

I'm going to certainly try then!
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