Textures breaking in windows

15 May 2017 21:18
The problem is that the scene renders perfectly on all of my Linux and windows machines, but the textures get messed up on friend's windows machines.
16 May 2017 07:21
Maybe you could include a few details. Is the problem only occurring on one PC? Is this a simple HTML export? You can attach your .blend file with the 'Attach' button down at the lower left. Before you attach, save external data by going to File > External Data > Check 'Automatically Pack into .blend'
16 May 2017 10:58
This looks like a GPU/driver bug. It also will be helpful if you show us the console output and the information from the chrome://gpu/ page for that machine.
16 May 2017 12:13
Thank you for your response. It happens on several Windows machines, on various browsers. Yes, it is a simple html export
17 May 2017 11:14
Could you please open Chrome and write in the address line:
It will show you an information about you system. Could you make a screenshots and show us?
For example:
17 May 2017 19:16
18 May 2017 12:52
As I see from the system info, the problem is that the browser cannot initialize directx 11 and use directx 9 instead, which is a cause for some webgl bugs. It will be helpful if you attach a file where this issue is reproduced, so we would dig into it.

This most likely happens under Windows 7 without the KB2670838 update installed, which provides Direct3D 11.1 functionality. I'd recommend to install it to get rid of this and other possible bugs. You can download it from this page: Platform Update for Windows 7.
20 May 2017 14:29
Here is the blend file (if it uploads after 3 days trying). My .blend file is over 30MB, (50) - so I can't attach it here.
20 May 2017 14:50
How do I send you the file then?
22 May 2017 10:57
How do I send you the file then?
You can compress it with gzip or some other tool. I think it should fit after that. Or you can share it via such services like dropbox, google drive or github and post the link here.
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