How to reverse view rotation?

13 September 2017 18:45
Is there a way to reverse rotation by using blend4web_17_06 addon?
Yes, see This Post above to find the code.

Also, I just read this Blog post about 2.79
At the end it says:
Blend4Web is already fully compatible with Blender 2.79!
I saw no console errors in the HTML file you attached. So there is some difference in your Blender install and mine since I exported it just fine from the same .blend file.
I am going to download 2.79 and test it out.
13 September 2017 18:58
Just tried 2.79. It exported the Cycles environment with no problem. I am wondering if you have an unusual Blender add-on that might be incompatible.
13 September 2017 20:14
I have only "manuelbastionilab" and "vtools_renameObjects", but as I said, blend4web_17_06 exports html files with cycles skies with no problem, but anyway…

I have this blend4web_17_06 CE version (not even the add-on anymore)…

So I have found camera.js file, I assumed that in 1581 and 1583 line I have to multiplay phi and theta variables by "-1", but after exporting html file from blender (file/export/html), the scene still rotates as before…

Please, tell me how to do it in 17_06 CE. Have I changed the wrong line? Do I need to create project in Project Manager? (I don't want to do that, I need a simple and single html file, just like you have created).
13 September 2017 22:01
I looks like you are modifying the rotate_camera function. it needs to be the rotate_angle function. Please have a second look at this post.
When you export your HTML function it utilizes one of the project in your Project Manager called Web Player. You will need to hit the Build button in this project in order for your changes to propagate through to your future HTML wep player exports.
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