Interactivity and weird materials

24 March 2015 08:59
Hey there,

Just wanted to say I'm excited to try blend4web out and have a few questions…

I've attached the blend and html files here

Basically I'm trying to reveal a cutaway of the earth when clicking on a flag on a landscape.

So it kind of works and was wondering if I had setup the interactivity correctly and also why the materials are mucking up on the "under" object I have (ie they should be 4 strips of colour like below)

Thanks in advance,

24 March 2015 11:20
Hi and welcome to the forum. I have corrected your scene (test4.blend, test4.html), please pay attention to the NLA animations, NLA scripts and "ground" material. This material looked bad because it was shaded and also had inverted normals.
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25 March 2015 03:52
Ok thanks for that Mikhail and your hasty reply,

I think I need to do some more research into NLA animations & scripts since I come from a Flash and Adobe Edge background (as well as Blender but not so much the Game Engine side) . Got any good links to some tutorials that would help me out (especially if I'm not a programmer, I'm a graphic designer).

Also could I use Cycles materials instead or do I need to be in Blender Game to be able to turn off "Back face culling" in the Game Setting of Materials?

Once again thanks for you quick reply that's impressive customer service!
25 March 2015 14:55
Hi. Blen4Web and BGE (Blender Game Engine) have nothing common except for a few settings in materials and physics.
here are links on examples:
Creating an Animated Tortoise, p. 2

"Cycles" is not supported for now, and you need to switch to Blender Game to access some game settings.
But we are working on a custom render profile which will have all necessary properties in its interface.
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27 March 2015 02:21
Thanks Mikhail,

will look more into those. Any chance of having a indepth video tutorial in the future on how the helicopter ( ) was done with it's multiple buttons, highlighted materials, limiting the camera's zoom/panning etc?

27 March 2015 11:29
Probably, we will make the tutorial on the helicopter in the future after several releases but it won't use NLA Scripts because we are planning to replace it with a much more user friendly system.
Manager and 3D Generalist at Blend4Web
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30 March 2015 08:18
Awesome to hear!
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