Please..can anyone crack this? Need ideas, suggestions manipulating bones in character

10 December 2017 08:05
This is super important for me. If this is not possible, can I hear any suggestions?? I will beforehand say I know too little of coding.
So lets say there is a character that is rigged with bones. Dont laugh as I am knew to this and I am a little embarrassed to ask this. I parented the bones (child of) with empties and they move the joints really good;
So i was expecting to use this tutorial
where a click in the objects causes a cone to go up and another cone when clicked causes the object to go down;

It didnt work or I did it wrong. 1) How can I accomplish this that way? the viewer clicks an object, or an empty and moves the bones?
2) should i try to parent the bones to objects?
Any ideas??
10 December 2017 14:14
Hello, what you have done is fine, you only need to pair the bone with the empty.
10 December 2017 21:25
"Hello, what you have done is fine, you only need to pair the bone with the empty."
Its awesome that you got back trying to help!! I thank you so much as so far you were the only one…
could you be more specific about "pair the bone with the empty". and do you think it would work?
10 December 2017 21:49
Yes, the Transform Object node is moving the object "Empty (BONE HEAR)", as it is not visible you do not appreciate it, Suzanne is a daughter of the bone but the bone is not the son of the "Empty", therefore Suzanne does not move. You can do it in several ways, in the Transform Object node you put Suzanne and Suzanne will move, if you put the bone "Armature", the bone will move and also Suzanne because it is his daughter, if you connect the bone to the "Empty (BONE HEAR) "everything will move.
13 December 2017 06:03
Juani, please bear with me on this on last time….
1) Suzanne is a chracter and it has bones;
2) today i was messing with it again and apparently if i am right, if I try to apply any type of constraints to the child bone having a parent such as empties or a mesh, apparently "it wont work"..WHY? Because for what i saw, B4Web does not recognize constraints…i setup "child of" and tried "copy transforms" for parenting and as soon as I go from blender to B4web, it says "it doesnot support constraints!!!"
3) I am getting desperate because i needed this to work; in other words i need a rigged character without controls on which translation is done when click a mesh (whichever) or empty;

Please please you are awesome…find me any solutions possible you can!! i will pay for your time!! and thank you for everything!!!!!!!
13 December 2017 12:57
I've just done what Juani suggested: selected bone, then selected "BONE HEAR", pressed Ctrl+P -> Object. And I've attached the file. Could you describe in more details what you want?
Alexander (Blend4Web Team)
13 December 2017 22:13
Hi, the problem of the restrictions is that B4W does not support 2 restrictions at the same time, when an object we do child already has 1 restriction and does not support another. I do not know if you necessarily need an "Empty" object, you can directly move the Armor with the Transform object node if you wish.
14 December 2017 04:29
Guys its is so awesome that you are helping!!! im sorry i wasnt clear in my idea…i actually could not return to my desk till now…
well i hear you guys…but to be more clear what i am trying to do is to have one bone moving independent from the other in a way for example that just one hear moves, and not the whole armature.
How do i go by parenting ? if i select the bone it selects the whole armature. I am new to this. I also try to do one armature to each bone in another project, so b4w wd see only armatures, but when I did this, the bones got disconnected and I didnt get them to move the mesh again.

So what about now? i didnt work for me (i attached the file)…..i had the impression i had made it work before with an ik to that ear. Empty wont respond…. thank you thank you for any input!!!
14 December 2017 04:31
what about this?
14 December 2017 13:23
Unfortunately, Blend4Web doesn't support IK, and only Copy Transforms bone constraint is supported experiment1.blend.
You can move bones independently, but currently you have to use javascript. You can use JS Callback node to call your Javascript
Alexander (Blend4Web Team)
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