exporting to .HTML scales object wrong

23 April 2015 12:10
im working on a model for cardiosurgery. I tried to export my file to .html and it works, but the scale and the object material are doing some strange transformations. Is there a setting that i missed?
23 April 2015 12:57
Hello and welcome!

If you press f12, and see the console you may see some warnings and errors. So here we see:

1. B4W EXPORT ERROR: Incomplete mesh "Circle" No UV in mesh with UV-textured material. Material: "Arterie".

"Circle" is an arterie and the material uses empty texture, but this texture has UV mapping. So the engine tries to find UV coordinates and fails - because there aren't any. And it makes it pinkish "errorish" material instead of existed one - to show that here are some errors. So I recommend just to delete this texture because it doesn't seem to do anything

2. B4W EXPORT ERROR: The "Armature" armature modifier has no armature object or it is not exported. Modifier removed.

Arterie has an empty armature modifier - just delete this modifier.

3. B4W EXPORT WARNING: Missing active camera or wrong active camera object

You doesn't have any cam in the scene - so the engine just makes default one. I recommend to add a camera because you can control its parameters and position in that case)

B4W WARN: non-uniform scale for object Sphere.001
B4W WARN: non-uniform scale for object Circle.003
B4W WARN: non-uniform scale for object Circle.002
B4W WARN: non-uniform scale for object Circle.001

Aand this is it, As said here (Transform > Scale), all 3 components (x, y, z) should be the same. You can select those objects, press Ctrl+A ->Apply scale, or you can select "Apply scale" in Blend4Web part of Object settings. Also select here "Apply Modifiers" too because now everything exports without subsurf

One more thing: I strongly recommend deleting all those lamps exept one. Lamps are very heavy things and you can do it all just using one sun lamp and adding some environment lighting.

Here I made everything said above :)

23 April 2015 13:13
hello and glad to be here!

wow, that was fast and realy helpsome !
Im pretty new to this (2 month working with blender, starting from scratch), so a lot of things are quite confusing, but your answer is easy to understand and helps me for future tasks.

Thank you soo! much
23 April 2015 15:06
You're welcome

Glad it helped! Good luck and happy blendering
26 April 2015 09:14
Hello again :)

I have to bother you once more.. everything works just fine on my computer but now there appered a new problemto me… I can open the HTML file of the project on my sony experia z1 device, but it is not working on iphone 4 or iphone 6.. Do you have any simple solution?
26 April 2015 12:40

…it is not working on iphone 4 or iphone 6. Do you have any simple solution?

Can you open with iphones?

Note that Apple turned on WebGL support by default only starting from IOS8. If you use earlier version, you won't be able to watch any WebGL content.
27 April 2015 08:40
thanks, ill look into it.

best regards
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