cam.getfov not responding to window resize

06 September 2018 12:11
i noticed that the function cam.getfov() does not update when the aspect ratio changes.

so if the camera sensor fit in b4w is set to auto(default) and the canvas goes from portrait to landscape, the vertical fov of the camera changes (as it should), but the function cam.getfov still returns the old value.

i am not completely sure if this is a bug or the api documentation is just not clear enough on what this function returns
14 September 2018 01:12
This is really a serious issue on Windows especially on Windows 10. Sometimes, it actually occurs due to the virus. When a virus infects a system, it blocks all the files on the system and that is why cam. getfov denied windowing resize. So, my suggestion is the visit kaspersky customer support and download an antivirus from there and install it on your system as soon as possible.
17 September 2018 15:52
Reply to post of user peterjack9051
Sometimes, it actually occurs due to the virus.

well that is some creative spam. just dont click the link
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