fire blowing dragon - please help

25 October 2018 22:54
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Sure, you can use it. That's why I posted the sources. You should give proper credit to the guy who made the dragon model, though.

And add some scenery if you can. It looks very dull with just the dragon.

ok, I love the dragon but I like the fire much more, I will make links to the creators, thank you very much.
05 November 2018 23:54
Greetings Everyone,
I found this post to be very informative. It came to my attention after searching, endlessly, for an explanation of smoke domains in B4W.

Does anyone here have any advice on whether or not it is possible to add a fire emitter to Blend4Web (web page output) via the Quick Smoke effect?

I've been able to get a transparent smoke domain to appear, which exposes the emitter object, however, the emitter does not emit.

I have been able to produce the fire in B4W via the particle system using textures. The fire effect this produces is just not the same as the fire I'm able to generate with Quick Smoke.

Any insight is greatly appreciated.

11 November 2018 22:32
I don't think it's possible to use Blender's smoke or fluid domains in B4W. The way to go for fire, fluid, smoke and similar effects is particle systems, which are of course vastly inferior to the quality of Blender's photorealistic (but super-slow) pre-rendered effects. (If there was a better way, the B4W developers would not have used particles in all of their demos.)

There is one B4W demo which uses a cloth simulation and turns it into a vertex animation, but a cloth of course does not change its internal vertex array while it morphs. With Blender's fluid or smoke, every single frame is basically a totally different object with different vertex counts and connections. This is why it cannot be turned into shape keys or vertex animations, IMO.

I experimented for a short while with turning a Blender fluid simulation into something usable in B4W such as shape keys, but quickly found it to be impossible and gave up on that idea.
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