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12 October 2017 17:22
i suggest a new feature in the "Properties panel" -> "Object" -> "Meta Tags" tab,
it's about adding a textarea for writing JSON data.
When we use javascript in the app, we could read this data via the existing metatags object.
Here is a simulation of what it could be :

I think this feature could be very powerful and could be an open door to more advanced apps, in my opinion…
Hope this will be heard ;-)

(.. yes actually it can be done with using the existing "Description" field for exemple, but it's just one tiny row and we must do the JSON.parse() each time we want to read inside the custom data JSON object)
05 October 2017 15:40
I tried module_debug.test_performance() and it return nothing and honestly i don't understand what the use of this method no matter ;-) in the idea it could be useful to have access to properties about WebGL compatibilities with the B4W API ;-)
05 October 2017 13:48
Hello Alexander,
thank you for your reply !
My phone model is a Microsoft Lumia 640 LTE Dual SIM, in attachment there are screenshots of, we can see WebGL2 is not supported by the Browser and in the WebGL1 tab, we can see there are less supported extensions than my Desktop Firefox for exemple.
I not tested yet the module_debug.test_performance() method in the B4W API, is this method return an object of a "diagnosis" of WebGL by chance ?
It could be useful to have someting like :
var diag = module_debug.test_performance() ;
if( !diag.support_webgl2 ){
// My complex material is replace by a very simple material...
// Something like this for being more compatible/responsive in differents cases
What do you think about it ?
04 October 2017 20:43
Agree with Will Welker, it could be a very useful feature ! ;-)
04 October 2017 12:16
Hello the B4W team,

I tested a couple of demos on the page with my Windows 10 Smartphone ( Edge Web Browser).

Just to inform you that almost all apps do not load, at half of the loading the page refresh itself, doing this endless, without loading the app finally…
Some of them can be loaded, for exemple but in this case some materials are invisibles.

This demo ( can be loaded and materials seems to be displayed correctly, so it's a positive point ! ;-)

I'm also testing with a simple scene (B4W 17.08) made by myself, the application loads until the end but a material is invisible. Geometry Node (Normal) -> Vector Transform Node (Normal,World,Camera) -> texture Node -> Material Node -> Output Node ( Screenshot of this material in attachment ).
Too bad because this material structure would often be used in scenes.

Can this bug with Win10Phones could be resolved in your opinion ?
Is B4W supported on all smartphones web browsers or is it only a problem reserved to Windows 10 phones? (of course, I'm talking about recently updated smartphones)

Hope this report could help compatibilty of B4W.

Here is the version of Microsoft Edge of my phone for informations :
Microsoft Edge 40.15063.608.0
Microsoft EdgeHTML 15.15063
30 September 2017 22:11
Ok it's my bad ! i didn't use the build folder correctly. I putted only the build folder on my server and add the "assets" folder inside it… i understood a bit too late that i must deploy my project first and add the build folder inside the deployed project and call the /my_project/build/my_project.html for running the minified version of the app.
30 September 2017 03:59
Here is a ZIP file of a mini project containing the materials with textures images who not want to be loaded when i make a Build in the project manager.
If someone want to test to make a Build and tell me what is wrong with images please.
Thank you for your help guys ;-)
30 September 2017 00:27
Here is an exemple of a mesh who need to be rotate along the Z LOCAL Axis, if you click on "play animation" you will see the interpolation between 2 keyframes is bad with Euler , the movement is a grab along Z local Axis + rotation along Z Local Axis
29 September 2017 23:42
For modeling and other common use on the 3Dview the Euler is good but the problem i've met with Euler in animation of LOCAL axis is that between 2 keyframes, the movement "bug" ( in attachment i made a GIF )
29 September 2017 23:24
images textures path can't be loaded after a BUILD, I tried on a (remote and local) server and no texture loaded.
In attachment a screenshot of the web-browser console, B4W seem to search my image file through an URL without domain name.
My images files are stored in /projects/my_project_name/textures/my_file.jpg
On the screenshot we can see B4W search to :
instead of
http://build.local/textures/my_file.jpg (http://build.local/ is a VirtualHost on my WAMP local server)

I use Blend4Web version: 17.8.0