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23 March 2017 15:04
Reply to post of user Mikhail Luzyanin
It's a good feature but unfortunaly a special node can't help because only one Camera (that choosen as active) will be exported to the JSON file. So you can have only one camera in one scene. For you I just can recommend to place an empty points in the scene where you want to place your camera and use Move Camera or Move object to move your Camera from current place to any of this points.

Thank you Mikhail for your fast reply and for your advice
23 March 2017 15:00
Thank you for reply, good to know it's already in your ToDo List ! Do you share your ToDo List somewhere for seing it before submitting other suggestions (who are already in the ToDo list) ?
23 March 2017 13:33
for exemple i have a "target" camera targetting a wall in a room, camera limits settings are : Horizontal Rotation Limits of : Left Angle : -90°, Right Angle : 90°,
next, i move my camera with the "Move Camera" node targetting the corner of the room, so i need to reset the limits to : Left Angle : -45°, Right Angle : 45° for not moving the camera outside the room…
So, a quick node for resetting camera limits could be very great ! ;-) Thank you Blend4Web Team if you could add this feature ;-)
23 March 2017 13:23
i have some cameras in my scene and sometimes it could be great to switch camera to make one of them active in a NodesTree.
Thank you Blend4Web Team if you could add this feature ;-)
23 March 2017 13:17
Hi everybody,
i have a simple node chain,
first is an entry point "run from script" enabled,
at the end of the chain i have a JS callback node with a variable in " In Params",
when i change the name of the entry point, JS Callback node erase my variable, and after this when i click on the checkbox "variable", everything disappear in the JS Callback node…
(GIF animation in attachment)