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02 September 2016 08:42
Hi everyone,

I want to put 3D models of product designs on the web.

I look at Sketchfab. I look at blend4web.

To me, the blend4web looks like higher quality visuals.

Look at this great looking car from blend4web.

And then look at any car models in Sketchfab.
Even the best ones in Sketchfab look lower quality somehow.

Is it true? What is better about blend4web to make the models look better than Sketchfab?
02 September 2016 08:33
Hi Pavel Kotov :)

Thank you for replying and making a video.
I watched both videos and understand baking much better now.

So it sounds like to use blend4web best I must learn the Blender Internal rendering materials.
I will try that next.
02 September 2016 01:20
Hi everyone,

Do you know any experienced blend4web users in New Zealand?

There is a commercial project opportunity here we may like help with - getting 3D models of our products online. With some click-to-animate functionality. Also a dynamic product configurator, the likes of which I still have never seen before, though I'm told blend4web can do it.

I like the prospect of using blend4web myself, though I am not experienced enough yet to achieve this and would need some help. First goal would be to create a simple proof of concept.

For now just want to know if there's anybody here that can do this type of work.


01 September 2016 09:36
Hello Everyone,

My 2nd day with blend4web and I am terribly confused about how the materials work with the export to .html or .json for Web Player.

Can someone please explain what is the difference between Blender Internal, Cycles, and blend4web materials when using blend4web?

I already rendered many scenes in Cycles, before I found blend4web. But blend4web does not export Cycles materials into .html. The objects are all black. So I read many articles but still not clear.

The FAQ says
"The Cycles renderer is not designed for work in real-time as it uses ray-tracing algorithms. Nevertheless, you can bake your Cycles materials into textures in order to use them in ordinary materials."

Does "ordinary materials" mean the Blender Internal materials?

But Blender Internal materials can be used with blend4web?
Why is that? What is the difference?

Someone said I have to take all the nodes off of my Cycles materials and turn them into Blender Internal materials to work in blend4web.

Also confusing me, the FAQ says
"On the other hand, Blend4Web supports shader nodes (aka node materials) which are fast enough in performance for real-time applications and at the same time make it possible to achieve a photo-realistic feel."

Isn't that what the Cycles materials are? I'm also new to Cycles so I'm not sure the difference between Cycles materials and the "node materials" that work in blend4web.

Also, what is the correct workflow going forward? Should I render all my objects now only in blend4web materials, so that I can later publish to .html more quickly?

Or I should render in Cycles and bake everything to use in blend4web?

How do people usually do it?

Thank you :)
31 August 2016 07:22
Great tutorial, the finished product looks amazing.

I'm sorry I missed it, I am starting b4w today.
How do you get all the Cycles materials into blend4web?
28 August 2016 23:16
Thank you Mr. Kovelenov

Does anyone have any examples of product configurator like this? I need something to show to the client, otherwise they will not support my efforts to use this tool. They cannot visualize it, and are trying to use only 2D images.
26 August 2016 04:18
Hi Everyone,

Can blend4web create a dynamic product configurator that will make the 3D model stretch and grow when user types in new dimensions?

It would be like this one, except instead of choosing dimensions from a list, you type in your dimensions and it will create it to that size.