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30 September 2016 06:36
Great. Thank you Ivan.
27 September 2016 06:58
Hi Chris,

Sorry, I'm not quite sure what you mean. I do 3D models and rendering, but I don't work with any code, so maybe that's why.

I couldn't find a shoe configuration example. (I have the most recent Blend4Web CE from September 2016).

I found an interesting looking .blend file in snippets called morph.

Seems like it might do what we're after, but saving to .html did not seem to have the morphing functionality. (please see attached screenshot)

Can anyone share with me how to get the morphing to work on the screen?

22 September 2016 07:14
This is great!
Looks like they probably modeled it in Blender too

Nice work blend4web team
09 September 2016 08:02
Hi Mikhail Luzyanin,

Thank you for your reply and your example file.

My problem is still when I move the camera, the objects are centered in the Blender camera.
But not centered in .HTML window.

Please see attached screen shot, and the new .blend file and .HTML file.

Thank you!
08 September 2016 09:05
Hello blend4Web experts!

Another newbie question I'm afraid. Hopefully this helps somebody else out too.

Which settings can make it easy to center object in the screen in web browser?
So when file opens it is centered perfectly in the screen?

When my target and camera look centered in Blender, it is too high on screen in browser.

I moved target location up 2.0
And moved all objects down 0.5 below floor plane

That made it centered, but is there better way? Which settings should we use?

Thanks as always!
08 September 2016 06:33
Hello everyone. Once again, great forum posts. Blend4web team is very fast and very friendly. It's a pleasure to receive their response :)

This post makes great explanation the difference between b4w and Sketchfab.

Regarding loading time, this page says loading time should be faster with .json files than with .html files.

This might help, when comparing to Sketchfab.

Could somebody post the same scene here in both .html and .json to view the speed difference?

05 September 2016 08:09
Great! Thank you Pavel Kotov. I will study these carefully
05 September 2016 08:04
Hi Alexander Romanov,

I am using Blender 2.77a. I believe it is stable. It has worked very stable for last couple months.

Your suggestion worked. I disabled Development Server. Now it never hangs. I cannot break it anymore.

Thank you, very helpful!
02 September 2016 10:06
Attaching screen shot of Blender not responding.

If I disable the b4w add-on in User Preferences and restart my PC the problem goes away.
02 September 2016 09:56
Hello everyone,

Thanks for all your help on this forum.

I installed blend4web by downloading Blend4Web CE. (Is this the same as the SDK?)

I copied the folder but put it in C:\Program Files instead of C:\

In Blender I pointed the Scripts: to that location.
I enabled the add-on in User Preferences and it worked.

But now, if I close Blender and re-start Blender, the second time I open it, it says "Not Responding"
And I cannot open a new session of Blender until I restart my PC.

So I moved the installation folder to C:\ and pointed to the new location in User Preferences. Blend4web does work, but it still makes Blender freeze up if I try to close and re-open it, which I do all the time.

Attached some images.

Any ideas how to fix this?
Thanks :)