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29 October 2019 01:22
Hello again!

Using the "Furnishing A Room" scene as the example, I have substituted a larger model into a similar scene, and would like to display a loading message or progress bar (independent of the scene loading bar) while the object loads.

How would I go about doing this? Thanks!!
30 September 2019 23:49
Hello all! Long time no post! Slowly shaking the cobwebs off my brain

I wanted to modify a project I'd created with B4W version 15.07, so I have two questions:

  • Is it still possible to get access to the online 15.07 documentation, including the API, or is it maybe part of the download?
  • Can I post questions related to older versions of B4W?

29 March 2016 17:30
Thanks, both of you!

@Pavel - so you're the "pasta chef"! I can't wait! Darn, I should have learned Russian!
27 March 2016 15:17
Hi, long time no post!

I'm very much a newb when it comes to creating node materials - most of the time when I see them, it looks like bunches of spaghetti and I wonder just what is going on, and want to tap into their power.

Is there a good place to look to learn how to build these, with explanations of just what all the splitting and calculating and reconnecting is doing? Also, some simpler examples so I can begin to learn what's going on by doing? I've tried looking around, but most of what I've found so far deals with cycles, so no use to me Thanks.
22 September 2015 07:11
Thanks! This helps!

I have just barely poked into the animation aspect of Blender - for years I'd mostly done traditional art and still renders, and admit to being a bit intimidated with getting things moving - so I'm hoping nodes will make the process more intuitive (and fun!).

I'm looking forward to a tutorial that will demonstrate all aspects of node behavior (maybe the factory does this? I'm notoriously lazy about reading before asking ). I guess in order to make the animation repeatable, you have to feed the end outputs back to the initial jump?

Also, if you had many objects, 10 for instance, I guess they'd form a long chain similar to this? Also it looks like I'd just need to make sure the tracks didn't overlap. Then if I wanted a mass animation I would duplicate and overlap the tracks in a separate set of frames.

***or*** would it be more elegant to set up 10 separate node trees?
19 September 2015 06:45
Yay, animation nodes! My right-brain thanks you!

Using our old friend "interactive_web_application" as a starting point, let's say you put a row of 3 button objects in the scene, one in front of each gem. You'd then be able to start each gem up by clicking that button instead! How's it done?
10 September 2015 07:16
Hey gang!

I just recently started tinkering with shadows, and I've noticed that they seem to be cast only within a limited range, even when using a point light. Is this a bug, did I miss a setting, or is this a limitation of B4W? Thanks!

28 August 2015 01:00
It's always nice to be able to come up with a simple question - how do I bake a normal map in blender of the sort that can be used to preserve mesh detail on a decimated model? What setting would I use? Thanks!
12 August 2015 07:55
I haven't got any specifics in mind at this very moment, but I do look forward to seeing more stuff added to the export side, if that's in the plan.

(and yes, it's one more chance to praise the B4W team for their great work and welcoming personalities. Great job! OK, going to bed now! )
12 August 2015 07:51
Last post for tonight! I've been jumping around subjects in the "Discussion" section just to publicly praise and thank the B4W team for your hard work and cheerful, generous attitude! I appreciate it greatly! Thanks very much! I figure not everyone looks at every thread so I can cover my bases better this way.

Feel free to delete this!