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23 September 2015 18:31
Thanks Yuri for your help. Here is the working result:
For anybody who wants to start with a working basic example:
Unzip it and put it in your SDK file like: C:\blend4web\deploy\apps\my_cube
Then make sure your local server is running and test it at http://localhost:6687/deploy/apps/my_cube/index.html
This is a bare bones application export so there are no camera controls, just a static default cube from Blender.
I typed this out from scratch, so if you want to do that, you can paste your code into to check it for errors. I am not a professional coder so I had a few.
23 September 2015 11:18
Following the YouTube tutorial here:
But I must be missing somethings, I cant get the player to load. The local server is up and running, other demo scenes will load, all files in place. I attached a zip of the project. It is just the default cube scene.
HTML Code:
<!DOCTYPE html>
     <script type="text/javascript" src="b4w.full.min.js"></script>
     <script type="text/javascript" src="cube.js"></script>
     body {
               margin: 0;
               overflow: hidden;
     #container_id {
               position: absolute;
               width: 100%;
               height: 50%;
     <div id="container_id"></div>


"use strict";

var app    = b4w.require("app");
var data   = b4w.require("data");

        canvas_container_id: "container_id", 
        physics_enabled: false,
        autoresize: true,
		callback: load_cb
	function load_cb() {
		data.load("cube.json, loaded_cb");
	function loaded_cb() {

Live link:
22 September 2015 07:17
I'm looking forward to a tutorial that will demonstrate all aspects of node behavior
I believe the next release will contain more logic nodes. I plan to do a video on them as soon as I can get my hands on it.

I guess in order to make the animation repeatable, you have to feed the end outputs back to the initial jump?

Ya I have poked around with Blender for years but now with Blend4Web it is worth jumping in to the deep end.

Here are the videos I have done so far.

21 September 2015 20:06
That is great. Hopefully we can be there via webcast or something.
21 September 2015 17:22
Thanks much. I must have done that by mistake. I reset my sky texture and now the error is gone.
21 September 2015 09:27

I started getting this error when I textured one of my objects. I only have one texture image and it was exporting fine for a while.
See Latest export example

Blend file attached.

20 September 2015 14:41
So target selected object like the curser? That would be cool.
It would also be nice to make the editor camera snap to the position it will be in export.

I just finished a video on camera controls:
20 September 2015 14:34
Awesome. thanks. Coming soon to a Youtube video
20 September 2015 11:19
I am working on a simple Blend4Web reflection project using nodes but I am missing something. Can anybody give me a simple example, like a cube near a plane that is reflective?
20 September 2015 06:18
Haha, great video