User posts Will Welker
17 September 2015 19:00
Thanks Alexander, you guys rock
17 September 2015 18:53
Okay, cool. I look forward to further developments in this.
17 September 2015 02:21
Has the Blend4Web team thought much about a place for users to share assets? I think there will be many assets that are Blend4Web specific. You could start it out as a free share site that could evolve into something like the Unity Asset Store. I think Blend4Web has huge potential in website authoring. Eventually Blend4Web and the community of users could make money this way. Win-win for everybody.
17 September 2015 02:05
If a Select and Jump node connects to a Play node that is routed back to the beginning, it works. But if the Play node then goes to a Page Redirect node, it will continue to play past the end frame specified in the Play node. It does not get far since the page redirects so a work around for now is to make a long space in your NLA between actions.

Blend file attached.
17 September 2015 01:01
Ya Blender is not complicated enough already right?

The thing with Blender, its easy if you know how but bloody murder trying to figure it out if you don't.
16 September 2015 21:56
Great, thanks Mikhail! I am starting to get a handle on this. I am new to the NLA so I am on a learning curve. I did discover just now that an ogg sound works, whereas a wav does not. I remember reading something about that in the documentation.

crazyFolker, if you are doing a simple animation as opposed to the node logic triggered event we are talking about, you do not need to convert it to an NLA strip. Just make your animation, and put a check in the Default animation box on the Object panel. I will post all this in a video as soon as I am sure I have a good grasp of it.
16 September 2015 10:58
As part of a project I am working on, I needed spherical images on a website. I think I found a good solution so I made a video to share it. Instead of buying an expensive spherical camera, you can use the Google Camera App.
Then with Blender and Blend4web you can make a viewer for it.
Demo page :
Thanks Mikhail for taking the time to help me on this.
16 September 2015 01:27
Ya, if I do that is plays continually. I need it to play only when clicked. I have the logic nodes set up to play a brief animation then page redirect but only after the object gets clicked.
15 September 2015 23:47
Hi friends,
I am working on the next step of my links and animations. I have added a Play node with markers on the NLA animation strip. I have also added a sound in the Video Sequence Editor panel. The animation and sound work inside Blender but they are not exporting. I am hoping you can look at my attached blend file to see what I missed.

14 September 2015 21:53
I finished a tutorial video on this topic: