User posts Will Welker
11 October 2015 07:27
It good to know a Blender Vet, I have only dabbled in it over the years. I am working on a basic "Hello World" app that uses all the basic components of a Blend4Web application; HTML, CSS, Javascript and of course Blender.
Here is my progress so far:
I still need to comment all the code and make the video, so it is not done yet.
My thoughts are that there are many web developers who don't know Blender and many Blender developers that don't know HTML, CSS and Javascript. And plenty of up and coming developers who know none of it. So I think there is a need to start from the absolute beginning and people can just skip the parts they know.
This app might be more basic than your needs but it is a start.
11 October 2015 06:03
Hi Wole.
The HTML export is completely self contained. It uses no external Javascript files. The JSON export relies on the b4w engine and the one that you, the developer, write. I am in the middle of a making a video tutorial to help complete beginners with building a basic application (as opposed to a self contained HTML export). I hope to have it out later this week.
09 October 2015 01:46
This is a great start, thanks!
08 October 2015 14:40
Trepanning mentioned:
"I need info on how to create these type of awesome materials, I cannot even get a bump map to work it seems. :/"
I think I am in the same boat. But I also find I need training on basic material nodes in Blender in addition to the Blend4Web specific ones. Can anyone point me to some good training? I want to do some videos on Blend4Web material nodes but I need to understand it myself first. Just looking at source files, I can see the nodes but I don't know what they do.
In this demo there is a node tree that gives four different shades to four objects. It is very cool but I can't figure out how each shade is attached to each object.
08 October 2015 14:26
I will repost your response into my Youtube video comments where this topic was raised.
08 October 2015 14:20
Thanks Mikhail,
I am currently learning Github. There is a free Kindle book on Amazon for anybody interested.
08 October 2015 14:17
Impressive! Worlds within worlds. In this case a scene that does not require a client plugin runs within a scene that does. It won't be long before we have Second Life or something just like it running in a browser with no other plugin.
04 October 2015 13:20
Is there any plan to implement a fist person explore type camera mode in the HTML export? Being able to walk around and explore a house or something would be cool. It may involve physics so you don't walk through walls or fall through the floor and I understand that is not yet implemented in the HTML export. This would have big implications for architecture, games etc.
This comes from a comment on on of my videos.
04 October 2015 08:28
I did a video on using nodes for animation, sound and page redirects. I am not sure if it covers your question but here it is:
02 October 2015 04:23
This last release, 15.09 is updated to work with Blender 2.76. As soon as Blender released 2.76, the Blend4Web team was like BAM! we are updated for it.