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10 July 2017 09:25
Dear Will, I found the same question in link, and I solve the problem, thanks for your attention.
To get the character, the right code is here.
10 July 2017 05:32
Hi, my code is here
   m_data.load(APP_ASSETS_PATH + "DOCExport/dof.json", load_cb, preloader_cb);
   m_data.load(APP_ASSETS_PATH+"5_girl/1-girl.json", load_girl_cb);
, I want to load two models from two .json files.
09 July 2017 19:23
Hi, in my project, I need to load two .json files in the order. When I have loaded second file, the model is visual in the scene, but I cannot get it by
, the error is "print.js:73 B4W ERROR: get object 02_01walk: not found".
But when I loaded the file first, the code is successful.

So , how to load multiple model .json files for different times.
19 June 2017 09:31
Hi Alexander, would the IK be supported in the B4W?
12 June 2017 18:47
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Hi berdon,
This might help:
get_bone_tsr(armobj, bone_name, dest)
get_bone_tsr_rel(armobj, bone_name, dest)

You also have the set_bone functions on this page.
Hi Will, I still could't calculate the bones bones coordinates from the bones angel and the length of bone, because only the quadruples can calculate the final point from the original point, but I got an error result.
12 June 2017 11:25
Yes, I want real time procedural movements. And I look forward the B4W's new function about IK.
12 June 2017 04:11
Hi, Will, thank you very much, then I can use the angel and the length of bone to calculate the bones coordinates.
Then, I want to know whether the IK will be supported in B4W.
11 June 2017 19:00
Hi, everyone, I want to use IK in my app, but it is not support in blend4web. So I try to design algorithm to solve the Inverse Kinematics. And to solve it, I need to know the bones coordinates.

Look forward to Look forward to your reply.
05 June 2017 06:15
For the Cycles nodes, I skipped them and went straight to the UV textures. I don't know enough about Cycles nodes to be sure if these could work they way they were put together. Changed .blend file attached.
WOW, dear Will, thank you very much. Now the exported html file is proper. And I look forward to other suggestions.
04 June 2017 16:38
Dear Will, thanks. The bender file is attached here, could you check it. I tried to change the cycles node which is not supported but the output result also was different from the .html one.
Thank you very much.