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09 January 2017 17:28
Thank you for your reply, My model is imported from MMD model. Then I will try the tool Meshlab to find whether it works for my models.
09 January 2017 05:34
Recently, I carry out a project and use blend4web to export JSON file, but the file size is large(the size of single file is 50MB). For the size, the remote access is slow. So, is there some methods can reduce the file size, such as, cutting model…..
And looking forward to your reply!
09 January 2017 05:16
06 January 2017 16:32
06 January 2017 16:28
Yes, It works, thank you ,dear Eveng
05 January 2017 20:12
More clear, I just run the html file in the deploy folder(for example, \blend4web_ce\deploy\apps\), and my chrome can not display the content
05 January 2017 20:06
I have finished a project and built it in the project management tool in b4w, and now I want to deploy it in a remote server, but it do not work when I run the html file in the files folder. Do I miss some files in the project? And what I can do to make it work?

05 January 2017 19:59