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04 June 2017 12:13
The model uses Cycles material, and the result with Cycles render is picture-1, the exported .html file opened in browser is picture-2.
But the picture-2 is all black. No materials, no lighting.

Couldn't find beginner tutorial how to apply materials. Could someone please describe what we need to do?
08 April 2017 11:41
Hi, friends, I cannot solve the problem and need your help. I searched in google and find some ways, but all didn't work. And I found that the iphone only can use 51 bones maximum, which is unbelievable and the quantity is too low.

So, to make the skeletal animation fine, I have to use more than 102 bones, is there still some ways to make it.

Look forward to your reply.
07 April 2017 04:49
Hi, thanks for your reply. And I wonder whether the value(Max Vertex Uniform Vectors) can be set through the web side?

perhaps, how to set the value in mobile phone by manual operation.
07 April 2017 04:13
07 April 2017 04:11
06 April 2017 11:46
I open the model html files, which Contain the bone animation. But it don't work well, the model is in the original position which means that the bones don't work.
And the debugging info is:B4W ERROR: too many bones for "TDA Miku_mesh" / 200 bones (max 51 with blending, 102 without blending). Skinning will be disabled.

So, is the bones too many?
22 March 2017 18:16
Hi, friends, I want to visit the b4w project in my mobile phone, but the 3D scene exceeds the screen. So, whether the b4w has some solutions to make it.

05 March 2017 15:56
05 March 2017 15:49
Hi, every friend. I used the blend4web tool to bake skeletal animation for my models, but it deformed after baking as the picture attached showed.

The original model is showed in the picture next one.
22 February 2017 04:57
Vertex and armature animation can't be exported on the same mesh, but instead of vertex animation you can use Shape Keys and activate them using API or Blend4Web Logic Node System.
Yes, I tried the API and Blend4Web Logic Node System. For the Logic node system, the animation can be played well. For the Shape keys API, I tried the delay function to control the shape keys gradually change with time, but the shape keys didn't change gradually but jump to the final value, then the animation couldn't be played well.