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21 June 2016 19:26

The other scenes from sdk, demo etc works correctly…
I use ubuntu 14.04…

I wonder if to change manually python link to point to python 3 isn't the problem (?)
I am going to link python to python2 and create a blend4web project with
20 June 2016 21:18
This is a screenshot of the console log
20 June 2016 18:54

So I have linked /usr/bin/python3 with python. Now Project Manager works, I can create project etc
but when I want to test my scene .html (app_dev/test) I get a black window in my browser.
What am i making wrong ?

I have attached a basic scene's export

Thank you
07 June 2016 18:28

So I change the symbolic link python to python3…
I hope there's no apps need python2

Thank you for help !
07 June 2016 17:31

How can I force Blender to use usr/bin/python3 rather than python ?
I search in the net but I don't find
07 June 2016 17:16
In ubuntu, I have just made default "python" command to use python 3
But the error runs again…

Moreover blender console says I use python3………… (?)
07 June 2016 17:01

Yes I use a non standard blender build…
I have typed in the blender console, but the error occurs again
07 June 2016 16:43
Hi !

Thank you very much !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Now I can begin the "interactive storyboard" of my next interactive documentary !
I hope when the project will be in production, there is a VR solution to use blend4web rather than unity.

06 June 2016 21:46
Actually I can't use project manager because I get an error with "create new project" :
"Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/media/prince/a94a0881-d13f-49b3-ab1b-5ff15a8e571e/CreationInteractive/Blender/blend4web_sdk_free/apps_dev/", line 43, in
import project_cli
File "/media/prince/a94a0881-d13f-49b3-ab1b-5ff15a8e571e/CreationInteractive/Blender/blend4web_sdk_free/scripts/lib/", line 327
print(" " + "-"*(len(err)), file=sys.stderr)
SyntaxError: invalid syntax
I use Ubuntu.
Hard luck !!! :)
06 June 2016 18:42

My cube is selectable, but it doesn't move along the curve when I select it……

«function main_canvas_click(e) {
if (e.preventDefault)

var x = e.clientX;
var y = e.clientY;

var obj = m_scenes.pick_object(x, y);

if (obj) {
if (_previous_selected_obj) {
m_anim.set_frame(_previous_selected_obj, 0);
_previous_selected_obj = obj;


The above code works on objects with "baked action" option ?