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06 June 2016 18:08

I want the cube to move along the curve when I select it
Maybe I am doing wrong :

I think I don't know what does it mean "export to engine"…
In apps_dev, I make python3 -p myproject compile

And I use .html in deploy/apps

Isn't it enough to "export to the engine" ?

06 June 2016 17:24
This is the files.

Thank you
06 June 2016 16:10


I am a newbie and from this tutorial :
I try to have a selectrable object (cube) follows bezier curve.

With ctrl P : I have attached cube to curve and in Obect->Animation->Bake Action

But when I run the app, the cube selection doesn't work.

The other objects with simple keyframe (I) works well.

Any idea ?
21 February 2016 19:20
Blend4web seems more efficient and powerful than ""blender game engine" so I think blend4web would be very very very great if we could have a desktop export (linux, windows, mac, anyway and… mobile export why not !?) too !
To have a desktop export, it allows using all the power of a computer without the web limitation
21 February 2016 16:13

When I want to create a projet with project manager, I get "Project list error"

I use Ubuntu 14.04…
Any Idea ?

And what's the command to create a complete blend4web project (.blend, .json, .bin, . html, .js , .css) with

Thank you for help