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24 September 2016 01:24
Hey, what an awesome tutorial video, really useful, thanks!

The heat effect works well on its own, but for some reason it messes up the depth of field effect when using .html export.
I can only get the two effects to work simultaneously when doing a .json export, but then my video texture disappears. I did package the .blend file, so I don't know why the .json scene can't find the .webm video file, maybe I need to put it in some special repository separately?

What is super weird is what happens when I export .html in blender 2.77a with both the depth of field and the heat effect turned on - take a look at my attachment, it actually looks quite cool, but super crazy, almost like the 'freestyle' rendering in blender's internal engine.

Any ideas on how to get around this or how to get the .webm video file working in my .json exports would make me a happy camper

23 September 2016 01:37
Hi guys, quick question: is there an easy way of reproducing the effect seen in the 'forest on fire' environment demo? I think that might look cool for my underwater scene, but can't find out how it was done.

Thanks a bunch!
21 September 2016 21:39
Edit: Question is redundant.
16 September 2016 20:17
Well, I'm glad I haven't only been a nuisance!

I've got it working now with the .json export, still not the .html, but that's fine.

Edit: Question is redundant
14 September 2016 23:23
Hello Evgeny, thanks again.

the ''make compile_apps'' command is not working, even after installing a number of the depedencies you linked to (bash doesn't exist for OSX though). I get the following error:

Williams-MBP:blend4web_sdk_free WilliamKlein$ make compile_apps
Compiling applications
Project source directory does not exist
Try ' ./ compile –help' for more information.
make: *** [compile_apps] Error 1
Williams-MBP:blend4web_sdk_free WilliamKlein$

You mentioned there was another way of achieving my goal by changing the speed value inside the shader. I did this in the caustics.glslf file via textedit, but that didn't seem to have any effect when exporting the html.

Any more ideas? I'm thinking I might better just leave this be, lol.
14 September 2016 15:41
Hi there, thanks for your reply!

I changed the line in the scenes.js module in the directory blend4web_sdk_free –> src.
The documentation advises to execute a command in the SDK root, but being a total noob I have no idea what that means exactly. I assume I need to edit another file?

I also tried changing the speed inside the shader: I opened the caustics.glslf in textedit and changed #var CAUST_SPEED vec2(0.0) to #var CAUST_SPEED vec2(1.0), then exported the .html again from blender, but that didn't have any effect.

If you could point to some tutorial or give me some more detailed info that'd be awesome, as I obviously have no idea what I'm doing here

Thanks so much!
14 September 2016 01:12
Hey guys, got another quick question concerning caustics: Is there any way to manipulate the speed at which the effect is occuring? Or alternatively the depth of the effect? that seems to be fixed to approx. 3.7 height units..

I found this while googling the problem:

'#var CAUST_SPEED vec2(0.0)' kind of sounds like what I'm looking for, but there is no such function it seems.

Any ways around this or am I just going to have to live with it?

Cheers guys!
09 September 2016 13:20
Hey fellas, thanks for the quick response =)

Yeah, it occured to me just now that using a particle emitter would probably do the trick. Good idea with parenting it to the camera, thanks!

Thanks Evgeny, you're right, it seems like it didn't show up because of the height and fog - thanks for the heads up guys, you rock =)
09 September 2016 02:10
Hi guys,

I've run into a problem trying to set up caustics in an underwater scene that I'm trying to put together. I've created a plane and added a water material to it, and enabled caustics. Then I added another plane beneath it and enabled special effects -> caustics under the object tab. A sun lamp is also present in the scene, as required. I can't find any further info about setting this up right, I must be missing something. could you maybe help me out with a quick example for this or something?
As always, any help is greatly appreciated =)

Im using B4W 16.02 with blender 2.76 by the way, but this setup should already support this functionality.

Also is there any way to achieve the bubble effect that is shown in the manual under 24.1.11 Underwater Environment (see the attached screenshot)

Thanks so much and greetings!
16 June 2016 15:38
bumpydibump? :D

I know you're busy, but if you could give me a hint if and how one could make the camera move depending on the cursor position, that'd be awesome =)

edit: this is kind of a good example of what I'm looking for concerning the camera movement, the whole page is pretty inspiring, highly recommended ;) won't work in firefox though, I use chrome for it..