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03 April 2017 14:38

I've answered in the original topic
03 April 2017 14:37

As for me, the described demo is not really easy to achieve as currently there is no way to create custom shaders in Blend4Web. Furthermore, without modifying the engine it is not possible to use GL_LINES or GL_POINTS which gives the best performance for this case.

The approach you have chosen looks like the best possible option as for now.

We have plans on significantly improving procedural geometry and materials, but I can't say precisely when this gonna happen.
29 March 2017 12:17
Glad it helped
Good luck with your project!
29 March 2017 10:41
Having something like this "v=28032017160938" at the end of the filename is fine. Blend4Web protects from unnecessary browser resource caching this way.

The application tries to download dds textures because there is the "assets_dds_available" in the app.init method.

You have two options:
1) Remove this flag from the init method.
2) Create dds-textures with the conversion tool. You can read about it here.
28 March 2017 17:22

I want to know how can I reduce the parameters like RTs and texture size inside fastpreview? ( I attached the image)
I went through the topics and I found this comment:'' you descrease resolution of shadow casting and blur samples, discrease Quality of Anti-Aliasing and so on, you will get less value of RTs, but it will have influence only on rendering. So, as I said before amount of shaders and dynamic objects has influence of loading. ''.

RTs shows the amount of memory occupied by Render Targets. This number is affected by Some visual effects (mostly postprocessing), Shadows and the rendering canvas size.
You can check all the components which influence this number using the HUD panel. Search for the "HUD info" on this page.
You can notice that this number changes as you resize the browser window.

and how can I reduce texture size ?
These are textures used by scene objects. So reducing the size of textures used in Blender will affect this number. When you have no textures this number equals zero.

In fastpreview, it shows that I have 27 shaders , Do they really effect on RTs size ?
No, they do not. Furthermore, in Viewer there are a lot of auxiliary shaders, for instance used in Color Picking or Debug Shaders.

why I have 15.8 MB exported html file while in fastpreview the total size is 178.8 MiB?
In short, there is no direct correlation between these numbers. The later number includes everything that is needed for rendering including OpenGL objects, RenderTargets, unpacked textures etc. HTML has packed raw data and doesn't have anything related to actual rendering inside itself.
28 March 2017 12:49

Yes, you can put any HTML-element you want with "Custom" or "Generic" anchors.

We are going to release a tutorial on Anchors very soon.
25 March 2017 23:08

The textures are out of reach for some reason. Can you check the output of the console? (F12 when you are in browser). There have to be lots of 404 errors. If so, please provide the console screenshot here.

Does your blend-file really references the textures inside the project folder? All resources placed outside SDK won't work on the actual server.
22 March 2017 15:53
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Hi !
I was having the same issue for a different reason.

I was using the new filmic-blender color management :

But the "non colour data" output was'nt working. I had to install back the legacy colormanagement folder.
Is there any bugFix possible for those using filmic blender ?
I've added a check for this value as well. It will work in the next Blend4Web release.
21 March 2017 10:36
The blender_scripts folder was removed not so long ago. You just need to point the scripts to the blend4web folder itself like it is shown here.
20 March 2017 18:40

We do not have a similar configuration at hand, so can not test it ourselves right now.
In the latest Chrome WebGL 2.0 was turned on by default. There might be some issues with this GPU.
You can try disabling it. Go to the chrome://flags tab and switch the WebGL 2.0 flag to "disabled".