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19 January 2017 15:00
У пользователей очень часто возникает вопрос о том, каким образом выложить свой проект, использующий Web Player на собственном веб сайте. В этой статье описан несложный процесс публикации проекта на сайте, использующем WordPress.
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11 January 2017 17:00
We would like to present you an overview of the most significant improvements and features in Blend4Web which saw the light of the day in the past 2016 year.
An article by Andrey Prakhov can be found under this link.
11 January 2017 16:55
Представляем вашему вниманию обзор самых существенных улучшений и нововведений в Blend4Web увидивших свет в прошедшем 2016 году!
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06 January 2017 01:39
Я бы рекомендовал вам воспользоваться точками останова
Можно прервать программу в нужном месте (например в модуле sound.js) и проверить значения переменных или даже присвоить им какие-то значения прямо через консоль.
05 January 2017 23:26
Hi, and welcome to the forum!

Currently, Blend4Web doesn't support procedural animation with curves, but there is an easy workaround. You can bake the animation using a native Blender animation baker. Hit spacebar and type "Bake Action".
05 January 2017 23:00
Blend4Web doesn't support GLOBAL coordinates for non-node materials yet. I think, this is the problem.
05 January 2017 22:33
You won't be able to run most projects from the disk because by default Chrome doesn't allow loading local resources. This is one of the reasons why Blend4Web offers Project Manager. When you upload these files to your own server, everything will be fine. More info can be found here.

Anyway you can check the built version by clicking the build button in Project Manager.
05 January 2017 16:15
I checked the example one more time and now I see what you are talking about. Those diffuse texture nodes really use the similar image and this is why they are optimized inside the engine. In order to fix this you need to assign different images to these textures. We'll fix the behavior in the next release.
05 January 2017 14:29
I've checked the attached file.
The problem with pos2 object is that it has the Do Not Render flag. The get_texture_names function returns only textures which are actually used by the material. If you make this object renderable, the array will be ["df_texturecubemap", "df_texturediffuse_b", "df_texturespecular", "nm_texturenormal"]. And I wasn't able to find 7 textures inside this material. Maybe, you meant Texture Nodes? If so, there is no need to iterate over them because some of these nodes use similar textures.

Anyway, as you haven't attached the images, it looks like I've found one bug not directly related to your question. Thanks for the report.
04 January 2017 16:29
You can send the example to my email: