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14 February 2017 16:23
Если вы являетесь владельцем собственного сервера, то вам, наверняка, понадобиться настроить защищенный https-протокол для своего веб-сайта, чтобы можно было делиться контентом на других ресурсах. Эта статья поможет вам разобраться с этой задачей без каких-либо затруднений.
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13 February 2017 12:21
I would like to make hotlink to selectable object(s), but opened on a new tab (target="_blank") !!?
If I understood correctly, you just want to open a new tab by clicking an object?
You can do this in the following way:
var m_scs    = require("scenes");
var m_ctl    = require("controls");
function load_cb() {
    function click_cb() {'', "_blank");
    var obj = m_scs.get_object_by_name("Cube");
    var sel_sens = m_ctl.create_selection_sensor(obj, false);
    m_ctl.create_sensor_manifold(obj, "CLICK", m_ctl.CT_TRIGGER, [sel_sens], null, click_cb);

But you need to keep in mind that in most browsers this action is not allowed by default and you will have to allow the pop up to show by clicking "yes" in the corresponding dialog box.

last question:
how is it possible to explode an object if I click it?

(Object -> Quick Effects -> Quick Explode? or Cell Fracture addon?)
Such modifiers imply quite complex calculations and are not yet supported by Blend4Web in real-time. But you can prepare any kind of explosion animation and bake vertex animation. The similar approach is used in Petigor's Tale game for golems' death. You can find it here. Scroll down to Golem's Death section.
13 February 2017 11:31
Добрый день, и добро пожаловать на форум!

На данный момент динамически назначить арматуру не выйдет. Мы активно работаем над полноценным копированием/назначением свойств всех типов объектов, и подобный функционал можно ждать в одном из ближайших релизов.

Пока могу посоветовать только грузить объекты с включенным флагом "Hidden" (назначается на объекте в Blender) и раскрывать их по необходимости.
08 February 2017 15:29
Hi, and welcome to the forum,

Without a doubt, this is an important feature. We have plans on significant improvements in logic nodes for this year.
Ideally, we will implement node groups, physical interactions, instancing and more convenient nodes allowing object controls (currently it is not possible to get info about object's transformation).

So I hope, these changes will allow to create full-scale games using only logic nodes in the near future.
03 February 2017 17:50
You can find examples in the Documentation->Code Snippets section of the website.
E.g. here is an example of the change_image usage.
03 February 2017 16:10

You can use this method to copy an existing object.

Then you can use the the change_image function to change assigned texture or even the inherit_material method to assign another material to it. But keep in mind that the last method has many limitations at the moment.

In order to change the geometry you can use a low-level method override_geometry. The object has to have the "Dynamic Geometry" flag switched on in this case.
30 January 2017 15:13
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23 January 2017 17:27
Empties do not influence selection. There should be something else blocking the required object from being selected. Maybe, you have some objects with the "Do not render flag" and the "Selectable" flag at the same time? I might only assume that something is connected (parented) to the empties, if moving them from the way really helps.

Quite hard to say without seeing the project.
19 January 2017 17:20
You can use either External or Web Player engine binding types, but not both.
If you want to interact with the scene through custom html-elements, it is better to go with an application (External, Copy, Complie binding types).
19 January 2017 15:08
The community frequently asks how to publish finished Web Player projects on a website. This article is showing a simple approach to deploy your project on a WordPress based production server.

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