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17 June 2017 03:07
look at the zagged line on the left side sphere.

it gives me the normal error base on the UVMap which is for AO Map.

UVMap is for AO and UVMap.001 is for normal map. I don't know but somehow UVMap affects to normal map that does not be connected to.

if you look at the right side one, it dosen't have that line

15 June 2017 18:38
still the same..

15 June 2017 02:45
i found that when i use 2 UV space,(one for AO and one for patterns)

it give me incorrect normal output.

can you help me to check?
15 June 2017 02:40
ipad mini retinal and ipad pro works correctly~

14 June 2017 15:09
Thank you very much~!
14 June 2017 13:57
here is my scene file~
14 June 2017 11:17
Hi there~

I try to get environment reflection from cube map.

when i use without normal map, it works perfectly but when i put normal map~ it gives me the incorrect reflection.

I attach my screen shot below

left sphere : with normal map right sphere : without normal map

and my node below
26 May 2017 09:02
i solved it~!

when the debug mode is true it's not working.~
25 May 2017 08:03
hi~ here is my webgl report
19 May 2017 08:38
experience Curiosity and Dairy Plant, Mi-34 hermit works well

Car Configurator not working

I guess its resolution factor issue maybe?