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06 February 2015 01:29
Resuming, using the b4w webplayer and sharing the blend file is the way to keep it free. Right?
The icon it's quite a limitation for webdevelopment; commercial licence it's not so cheap for a webdesign use of b4w.
To the other side it's also true that potentials are very high with your wonderful work. So… what I can say, I'll use and study your framework as much as I can, trying to figure out the commercial investment on your licence.
It would be nice to see an intermediate licence for a webdesign use of your framework; maybe limited to the blender plugin and some basic object interactions… don't know it's just an idea. I think there's difference between using b4w for a complex app development and a simple header clickable logo.

Thanks for your wonderful work I love it.
05 February 2015 22:51
Yes I read it before! But sorry, it's not very straightforward, so I make some examples of situations I can imagine.

1: designing 3d animated headers for websites (exactly as the one you have on here) or other layout elements.
2: making 3d clickable adv banners with logos or products.
3: embedding 3d showcases inside blog news articles, about products or similar.

All of this without using the sdk, but simply the blender exporter plugin.
05 February 2015 20:23
Should I get a commercial license if I export a scene from blender plugin and I use it on a website as a graphic element, a banner or a product showcase? The website is an online newspaper.
04 February 2015 21:21
Heilà! It's my half an hour! I solved it using "material extended" node…
Woahhh, thanks anyway I'm quite satisfied with all the effect. I'm mixing alpha channels texture, dynamic reflections, environment reflections… It's quite a goal for me. You know, I can't wait your dedicated engine for blender… I think it will make things much more easy. I must say blend4web options are lost in hundreds of matrioska and it's hard to divide your prerequsiites and the native blender functions. very hard to find and to rememeber where.
When do you think you render engine will come?
04 February 2015 21:14
Woah! You're very motivated in fixing bugs uhu :-) No, I think I lost the file, save and resaved in a bunch of project_00, 01, 05, nn… you know :-) It's nice to have such fast feedbacks and so much partecipation here. I really trying to figure out how things works on your blender platform.

Actually I'm facing another problem. I got how dynamic reflections work and I'm using mirror and fresnel effect etc… Now my problem is that mirror reflections stop to work when I switch to nodes. If I use "blender render" material options on the right everythings work, but when switch to "use shader nodes to rendere material" reflections stop working… Is it normal or I should apply reflection in a different way into node setups ?
04 February 2015 18:05
oK. Solved. Dont know why.
I tried to open a clean new file and appending things back.
Now it works.
04 February 2015 17:54
but it's not transparent… it's a rgb blu color with an alpha texture on it…
I'm getting crazy, I dont know why it's not projecting shadow and not getting reflections. Its a material issue because same object with onether material works
04 February 2015 16:30
>The shadows must be turned on in object settings, so the objects that will receive that shadows must be specified too.
Did it! But looks like a material issue: one project shadows the other does not; on the same object.
See screen

>Dynamical reflections works only on flat surfaces like water or mirror
I know, I used the flat plane selector in the object tab; and works great.

03 February 2015 20:49
Ok. I used your node suggestion and now this is my node setup.
It's a can: there's the base metal material with a logo with alpha channel printed (mixed) on it.
It works perfectly except that it does not project shadows. (and it seems to me that also reflections does not work on it).

May you help me?

30 January 2015 19:30
Hey thanks, that's great.
I use a lot nodes, but i cycle environment that is quite different.

1:Are "blender render" and "blender game" mutually working? I just switch to it "Alpha sort" and get back to Blender render ??

2: If I connect alpha in the last output node, how I can superimpose an alpha texture on another diffuse shader? A logo on a can for example