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28 January 2015 22:38
I must admit it was hard to make it work. And the giant tutorials demonstrating the wonders of blend4web does not really explain the basics. So, now that I managed to apply a simple alpha png texture I post how I managed to.

Hoping it can be useful to others and maybe to receive some hints back.

Result on blend4web:

Node map:

Blender Render engine.
27 January 2015 14:34
>In future we'll add our own render engine
WOAH! That's going to be awesome

>You can take a look at the console in Browser. (F12) It will give some info
Hey that's great, it seems you have quite an informative debug error log! It specifically reported it was missing uv map layer. Fixed it.


27 January 2015 03:34
I find the manual quite difficult to use for the most basic questions…

I would like a basic tutorials to understand material export. Questions like…

1: Should I use Blender Render engine?
2: What are the basic prerequisites to export material and use texture shaders?
3: Why my exported materials sometimes are pink?
27 January 2015 00:48
Woah! Did not read all these answers. Thanks a lot, I'm taking a look at your engine.
Tomorrow i'll try to code a link on 3d objects, I found this other post useful I think

And then, looking forward to autorotate onload !

I'll definitelly keep up a look on this site. Thanks, this is a small forum but quite participative!
17 December 2014 21:53
1: I would like to see my object rotating on the scene. If possible the automatic rotation, the same I can choose from the bottom right menu, but set ON by default.

2: Yes. url links inside the scene.

Thanks for your fast answer
17 December 2014 18:06
Is it possible to set the rotation on model loaded ON by default?
And to add links anchors?

Wonderful engine. I love it and I'll start to work on it for sure.
Keep up the good work.