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09 February 2018 06:14
Oh. I will leave sample URL and captured image for the re-generation of the symtom.

1] blend4web: 17.12.0 & blender 2.79

2] blend4web: 17.04.01 & blender 2.78
09 February 2018 06:11

I see an aliasing issue on mobile (desktop is okay) on latest blend4web version (blend4web: 17.12.0 & blender 2.79). I tried to set anti-aliasing to high but it didn't help.

However, when I move back to an older version (blend4web: 17.04.01 & blender 2.78), it was totally okay with the default setting.

Thus, I suspect some kind of bug has been introduced at 17.12.0.
Could you please give me why is this happening?

23 January 2018 10:49

I tried to make transparent material by changing transparency tab and "Alpha Blend" type which works fine.
However, if I have another half-transparent object inside transparent object half-transparent object just disappears. If I change half-transparent object opaque than it shows fine.
Is there any viable solution for this? (half-transparent object inside half-transparent object)

Also, I was trying to set alpha map (png). It was showing fine on blender viewport, but if I export it to web it shows as black(not transparent). Is this expected?

23 January 2018 10:16

I solved the issue.
I didn't specified the path for the SDK.
Instead, I installed standalone addon.

Thanks !

11 January 2018 06:26

I installed blender and blend4web addon on.
I could see proper json/html export option on file->export tab.
However, I cannot find "Fast Preview" button on the bottom tab.
Could you please let me know what went wrong?

19 November 2017 14:40

Is there some global setting such that site owner ( e.g. some wordpress blog) can restrict webgl contents to be uploaded on their site?
We tried to embed our blend4web application with iframe on client's site. (refer link1)
It runs okay on chrome but on explorer it fails to initialize webgl.
Explorer looks compatible with webgl since it can host same iframe code on different site (link 2).
I tried to paste other webgl applications (e.g. sketchfab) on client's site (link 1) by editing html on developer console and all of them cannot initialize WEBGL.
So it looks like some settings of client website is limiting webgl contents on their page.
Is there such kind of options?
Otherwise, could you please advise me what is going wrong?


link 1.

link 2.
09 November 2017 06:41

Is there a well established material library for blend4web?
I found few on the internet but most of them only support cycles renderer and don't support blend4web.
I would like to make pearl like material.

01 November 2017 11:18

Recently, I am working on processing multiple meshes of shoes.
I have prepared lighting and camera settings of blend file for the first shoe. (let's assume that is first_shoes.blend)
My manual process is as below.

1] Open first_shoe.blend
2] Import FBX of second shoes by using "Bos FBX"
3] Open texture jpg file for second shoes
4] Set shading method as "shadeless"
5] Adjust second shoe scale/rotation to match the first shoe
6] Delete first shoe object
7] Save blend file as second_shoe.blend
8] Export to JSON file using Blend4Web

This process is relatively simple but tedious. Can some of above step can be automized by using the script? Especially can "step 5" be scripted? (Align second shoe's scale/rotation to be aligned to the first shoes). I think it is theoretically possible but not sure that it is possible with current blend/blend4web api.

26 October 2017 11:06
Thanks. I was able to fix the issue by initiating correct_up at the start of camera animation or end of the animation.
However, I wasn't able to avoid hard flipping animation at when I initiate correct_up. It would be best if I can
1] Fix the camera orientation all the time
2] Make the flip (caused by correct_up) as continuous animation rather than abrupt flip

Is this possible?
19 October 2017 17:38
I tried but it didnt help.
It also happens with other blender file as well (please refer attached)
It looks like this issue happens when texture size is more than 8k.
Do you know the root cause?