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11 October 2017 06:28
User can rotate/zoom the object by using blender's default camera control
I am developing web app function that user can bring the object to the default view anytime they want.
I using "target_set_trans_pivot" to achieve that.
It usually works but from a certain camera view, it goes to flipped view rather than original view.
I checked camera's rotation, view, target value and all of them looks okay.
Could you please figure out the solution of this?
Please refer picture attached.
06 September 2017 09:35
I am experiencing blurred texture at Mobile even if I apply ultra texture.
Below is the URL and I attach the snapshot of desktop and mobile.

Do you have any ideas on this issue?
21 August 2017 10:42
It looks like that this issue is the not depend on my specific project.
You can replicate the issue with below blend4Web demo link.

1. Yes. Pinch zoom works fine with Chrome but does not work on Explorer or Edge browser at Window 10 Touch Devices
2. KakaoTalk, the most popular messaging app in South Korea. You can try to send the URL inside the chat and click the link.
I attach the play store link.
16 August 2017 10:02

I found that in certain circumstances, pinch zoom in/out touch gesture is not working at blend4web application.

1. Microsoft internet explorer at windows 10 (touch device)
-> at Chrome it works fine
2. In app browser of certain Android App

I tested with Sketchfab and it worked for both cases.
Moreover, I tested three.js based application, which showed the same failure as blend4web.

It looks like some browser misinterprets pinch gestures so that blend4web cannot sense it into the right way.
Do you have any idea or work-around for this issue?

08 August 2017 04:08
Yes, but I don't want to fully limit panning, what I want is to leave panning but make sure my object does not disappear outside of camera view. Thanks!
07 August 2017 12:23
I am using a target camera for my application.
Basically, I want to limit the camera so that object always stays in camera's view (prevent user to lose object by panning the camera.
I can limit the vertical panning by setting pivot translation limits -> maxZ . However, I couldn't find a way to limit horizontal panning.
Moreover, it could be useful, if there is some simple single option variable to restrict camera to view at least small part of the main object. Otherwise, some status variable telling that if the object exists inside or outside of main camera's view.

07 August 2017 12:16

Basically, I want to detect when there was error on blend4web webgl rendering, and "reload the page automatically".
I could not find a api that monitors error status.
Could you please give me a help?

03 July 2017 04:56

We are currently using Sketchfab for 3D product visualization.
However, we were having issues with mobile loading time which was quite slow.
Thus, we have tested Blend4Web with the same 3D image file (obj(mesh) + jpg(texture)) and hoped it performs better.
Sketchfab needed 3.2MB data (2.1MB model data + 1.1MB rest) from the web while Blend4Web required 5.6MB (3.1MB model data + 2.5MB webplayer).

Therefore, loading time of Sketchfab was 5.73 sec while Blend4web 9.93 sec at PC. However, Blend4Web showed similar loading time as Sketchfab at mobile although it required more data to transfer.
Thus, I think blend4web will perform better at mobile if I find a way to shrink the data size similar as Sketchfab.

I am currently using webplayer+json approach.
Is there a better way to cut down required data?


Sketchfab Link:

Blend4Web Link: