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12 May 2016 11:07
i think i found what cause the problem, the viewer says me that the version is 16.05 :p
How to solve this?

12 May 2016 10:24
[UPDATE] Even with default scene i got the error
- Firefox 46.0.1 –> Error
- Chrome 50.0.2 –> No problem
- Edge 25.10586 –> No problem
12 May 2016 10:15
here it is.
09 May 2016 10:59

B4W ERROR: GL Error: 1282, gl.INVALID_OPERATION (draw subscene: SHADOW_CAST)
print.js (ligne 74)
uncaught exception: engine panic:
The engine tried to perform an invalid operation and halted.
Please copy the console contents above and submit it to the Blend4Web forum at

Any idea?
25 April 2016 17:16
Max Varying Vectors: 9
22 April 2016 09:12
thanks for the information.
It's strange because i didn't update anything (nvidia driver or windows update) and i see the message only since 2-3 days.
21 April 2016 12:11

I get the message : B4W WARN: Not enough varyings, disable shadows on blend objects
Any idea????
08 April 2016 12:29
the material became 100% white, maybe it's on purpose, but quite strange.
07 April 2016 15:32
Hi , thanks for your amazing work.

On the demo of the 16.03, i notice bug color problem on glass materal.
The problem occurs at certain angle.
01 April 2016 09:39
too bad for my projet but thanks for the answer.
I will find another solution, actualy i load one JSON on button click and it at the end to modelize the object it became lot of files, so i tried to modify geometry to make it with better performance (simple objects)

Thanks btw